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The objective is to gather all 4 jellybeans.  The conflict?  Those pesky paper rats are out and about, and the'vey got guns.  Dash and bash your way through a maze of paper without taking a hit, or else it's back to the start with you.

Everything is controlled with the mouse and left-click, from moving (your character always moves towards the cursor), to dashing (left-click), to warping (holding left-click before releasing).  Warping teleports you to the cursor as long as there's no wall in the way, and kills any rats between the two positions.

I created this game in 48 hours using GameMaker 8.1 for the 1st GMTK Game Jam, the music was made by Dave Allen, and the background texture I retrieved from wpliving.net.

Install instructions

Step 1.  Download the .exe file

Step 2. Run the .exe file

Step 3. ???

Step 4. Profit


Rat and Mouse.exe 13 MB

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